Artistic Approach

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Suzie Viot has always been fascinated by trees, the diversity of their shapes and textures and by the symbolic surrounding them.

In her work, she chooses to concentrate on the verticality of trees and on placing them back in their context, the landscape, where they constitute the main reference element.

Inspired by the lines present in the tree as the lines they create in a landscape when seen from afar, Suzie Viot’s textile creations reflect the tension between the desire of man to mould Nature and its inherent insubordination, thus creating landscapes that are altogether structured and unpredictable.

Her fabrics are first created on a computer program and manually woven.

Then, she randomly applies color to give a pulsation and unique character to each woven piece.

As in a landscape, the fabrics are the result of strict structure and pure coincidence.

Suzie Viot created her Tracés collection, a line of uniquely designed handbags.

She has chosen this accessory because it is a token for the person carrying it.

This is where a person will keep its most intimate and precious belongings to carry along the road…

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